NCSA, Chicago, IL

Information Architect

Selected Accomplishments

  • Conducted 20+ individual interviews
  • Designed athlete college recommendation engine
  • UI Design
  • UX Research
Tools I used:
Sketch | Microsoft Office | Tape Recorder | Invision



  • Experience Map
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas Development
  • Wireframes /Mockups / Prototypes

The Challenge

NCSA wanted to improve their customer retention by better refining the way the student athletes input information about their athletic ability and academic achievements to find the best college scholarship matches. The idea was to make this process very visual, to eliminate confusing questions and lower the need to call the recruiter or customer service during this process.

The Solution

To make sure we understood the wants and needs of the student athletes we started by speaking with the more successful cases. In addition, we spoke with their recruiters to see how and why these students were more or less successful than others. Although the answers varied we found some common elements and built our solution around those things we identified in our research. To make sure we were on the right track we literallly tested every question, screen and scenerio we felt confident about weekly. This ensured we could verify our ideas to the stakeholders we reported to.