Honeywell, Indianapolis, IN

UX Researcher

Selected Accomplishments

  • Conducted 20+ individual interviews
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • UI Design
  • Persona Development
  • Experience Map Development
Tools I used:
Sketch | Microsoft Office | Tape Recorder | IPad Pro



    Experience Map
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas
  • The Challenge

    The stakeholders at Honeywell have been managing a great relationship with the Caterpillar organization for decades. To maintain a good relationship with Caterpillar, Honeywell commissioned an exploratory study of their working relationship with Caterpillar. The idea was ambiguous in the beginning as we decided the best areas of opportunity to focus on. I worked independently from the core Honeywell UX team. I reported directly to the Honeywell UX-VP in the UK each week to discuss overall research strategy and weekly activity plans.

    The Solution

    As I conducted individual interviews I started to see recurring areas of opportunity from the Honeywell team in regards to their working relationship with Caterpillar. It became clear very early where the pain point were for the Honeywell team. After a few weeks and few interview with the upper management of the Caterpillar team, I realized they felt the same pain points but the results were different. The communication gaps and various levels of experience within the Application Engineers on both team became the high level areas of opportunity we decided to deepen our understanding about and present solutions for.

    We realized the various levels of experience had alot to do with the lack of efficency in the communication process. We discovered an official onboarding process had been developed years earlier but due to all the time sensitive projects and demanding deadlines that process had become antiquated and no longer used by either side. So, we reviewed the process and created a plan to integrate the process in 2017.

    Key Points of Interest
    • 20 Individual Interviews
    • 5 group interviews (5-20 people) per workshop
    • Redefined the onboarding process for Application Engineers
    • Identified communication gaps and actionable ways to correct the issue
    • Worked with Management (Lead Engineers) to offer UI improvements to shared communication platform