Project Description

In January of 2015, I was contracted by Gogo to work two distinct projects for the organization; their consumer and business website redesign project and some in-flight entertainment platforms. I began the role by researching competitors and interviewing internal employees about their pain points and other areas of opportunity that could be leveraged to make the website better.


Projects details

I was contracted by Gogo in early 2015 to work on their website redesign project. The challenge of this project was to not only create a aesthetically pleasing website but also to create a new system that could easily be adapted by the marketing team and other departments to keep up with their the ever-changing business requirements of the organization. I began my role with some extensive research into the business model of the organization and the pain points of each department.

The objectives of this project:

  1. Create an efficient and more effective way to reduce the time and resources taken to update the current site.

  2. Improve the sites responsive design to achieve a more effective mobile experience for consumers that wanted to buy products from the organization.

  3. Create an effective user feedback process to continually improve the experience for both business to business and consumers alike.

  4. Create a process that will allow the creative team accommodate updates all the while keeping a consistent look and feel to the website

The Solution

  1. To make better use of the design and marketing team’s time we created a new creative brief worksheet online that allows each department to send their request via email versus printing out the worksheet, filling it out by hand and waiting for a meeting with the creative team.

  2. To better assist the department and the creative team we created a modal library in Axure that will allow each party the opportunity to decide the most effective layout patterns for the content they needed updated. This process, saved countless hours of design meetings and also ensured a more consistent look and feel to the website. This cut the design and planning meetings down from 60 mins on average down to 30-45 mins on average.

  3. During this process we were able to extensively interview the C-level executives and middle management about their respective department initiatives and their scheduled marketing needs by doing this we were able to create a more effective content strategy and templates within the new library to assists in their efforts. In addition to this modal library we were also able to update the current style guide for a more effective transition to creating mock-ups in photoshop and illustrator. Because of the redesign the organization was able to reallocate a significant amount of their design resources to other projects saving the organization a considerable amount of money in their 2015 - 2016 budget.