My Role: Senior Application Developer

In July 2014, I contracted with Aon Hewitt as a Senior Application Developer. I was brought into the project to work specifically on the "Annual Enrollment Process." My primary duties consisted of conducting user research groups, creating wireframes and prototypes.


Project Description

The “Annual Enrollment Process” was originally designed as a desktop application. The organization wanted to enhance the user experience and make the application responsive for mobile use.

Our Challenges

We began the process by reviewing the business requirements and user feedback that was collected the previous year.

Some of the initial concerns were:

  1. Applicants abandoning the process and calling customer service early in the process.

  2. Applicants not having access to the process from a mobile application. .

  3. Applicants having a difficult time comparing the differences and similarities of the products offered

  4. Our users were stopping well before the 30% completion mark of the process

  5. Most applicants felt the process was complicated and confusing, the average user needed close to an hour to complete the enrollment forms online

Results and Solutions

We decided to approach the concerns we uncovered by redefining the current flow of the application process and here are a few things we were able to do successfully

  1. We included more clues (tool tips, icons, etc…) and directions to help users navigate the application, overcome obstacles and reverse their actions quick and easily

  2. Redesigned the entire application with a mobile first perspective and created a template system to maintain a consistency in the look and feel throughout the application

  3. While testing our prototype our users surpassed the 65% mark before they requested additional assistance

  4. We were able to reorganize some steps of the process and decrease applicant completion time by 15 mins on avg.

  5. The users we spoke with adapted to the revised navigation and comparison tables with little or no obstacles making the decision making process easier and leaving them feel more assured of the choices they were making